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Under the Expert Leadership and Creative innovation by Mr. Vipul Agrawal, ( Founder and Director, Glyptic Arts ) , company in past year of its operation has successfully executed some of the finest and creative implementation of 3D Foam Sculpting and Crafting entities, to set up an example and open up the way of endless imagination.





our Projects

Right from some Classic and Traditional Themes for wedding or events to implementation of 3D Sculptures, Wall Murals in interiors, Designing artifacts for Ashrams or implemanting the concepts to deliver, branding deliverables, Glyptic Arts had served clients from several industry vertical since its inception.

About Us

Glyptic Arts, a professional 3D Foam Sculpting Studio which Specialize into Creative and innovative Expertise to implement the ESP foam and GRC Material (GLass Fibre Rainforced) structure for the wide and diverse usage in the form of Sculpturem, Unique Signage, 3D Enlargement, 3D Advertising Display, Themes Interiors, Wedding Event Theater Movie Sets, 3D Wall Murals, Architectural Elevations, Mascots, Advertising Display etc. The Process of 3D Sculpting and Carving Exteremely fast, accurate and cost effective than traditional hard carving method.

As the pioneers into Artistic 3D Foam Carving, Glyptic helped various industry vertical and businesses in past decades to create spectacular products. So for Artistic Innovations, Innovative Advertising Solutions and Businesses looking to improve the Process with Automated 3D Carving. Glyptic offers the future of innovations with endless imaginations.