Glyptic Arts, a Professional 3D Foam Sculpting Studio, which practice into Creative and Innovative Expertise to Implement the EPS Foam for the wide and assorted use in type of Sculpture,Props, Enlargements, Relief Wall Murals, Themed Environments, Themed Entries, Fountains, Vases, 3D Billboards etc. The process of 3D sculpting and carving is extremely fast, accurate and cost effective than traditional hand carving method.


Our amazing group of visionaries understands how to create. We understand what inspires and provides that spine tingling, goose-bump raising experience. Whether a one off prop or Multi-acre immersive, Themed Environment, we leverage our creative powers to prepare your idea for construction.

  • Conceptual Design
  • Master Planning
  • Project Manangement
  • Digital Asset Creation (3D Modeling, Sculpting, Rendering)
  • 2D Graphics (Branding, Copy, Illustration)
  • Engineering (Mechanical, Structural, Industrial)
  • Manufacturing Design